Terms of Use

1. All tutorials this site were created
by me and registered in TWI.
2. Please do not copy all or part my tutorials.
3. Do not change my work and do not
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4. My animations are exclusive of my tutorials,
so do not use in tutorials that are not mine.
5. Groups and Forums are welcome
to use my tutorials, but let me know this
and put my credit and a link to my site.
6. All my works are for personal use only.
Commercial use is prohibited.
7. What you create with my Tutorials,
it is yours, but remember the time and care
that I put in each tutorial and put my credits.
Do not forget also the tubers and artists.
8. The materials that I use for the making
of the tutorials were made by me or
purchased on the Internet sites,
but I put the claims of the authors,
plus a link to such sites.

9. If I used some material from his
or any other artist, and these claims
do not appear, please let me know
and I will give the proper credits immediately.
10. If there is any doubt or if you
want to ask for permission to use my tutorials,
please e-mail to:
When you access my tutorials,
means you accept my terms, so....
thank you and enjoy!